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Your Host

Michelle Marchant Johnson

Michelle Marchant Johnson is the Founder & CEO of She is a well-known and respected relationship coach, author and speaker.

She helps smart, successful, single women clear their barriers to love, own their own value, date with grace and confidence, express and enjoy their femininity, and invite attraction and commitment from a high-quality man.

She partners with single women throughout the world who:

1) Want to start dating a good man after a short (or long) hiatus

2) Want to avoid common dating pitfalls, follow a proven path to success and form a happy, loving, committed relationship with a man OR

3) Are in a relationship, but want help to navigate partnership successfully.
Through her proprietary group and private one-on-one coaching programs she’s thrilled to see her wonderful clients find healthy, satisfying, passionate, committed relationships or marriages.

Her popular advice articles have been featured on many internet sites and she has been recognized by as one of the Top Ten Midlife Relationship Experts.

After decades of career success, but prolonged frustration, heartache and disappointment in her love life, Michelle got support and was able to uncover her own inner blocks to love and the secrets that allowed her to meet her Mr. Right. She became an ecstatic first-time bride at age 43 and has been married to the man of her dreams for over 13 years. 

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