Adam Gilad

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Adam Gilad has spent the last 8 years leading both men and women into robust, fearless dating and intimate lives.  Adam is a unique dating and communication expert, melding his experience teaching writing, critical thought and communications skills at Stanford University, owning and hosting National Lampoon Radio, crafting movie scripts as an Emmy-Nominated Executive Producer and screenwriter – creating, in sum, a devastatingly effective and profoundly inspiring approach to dating, conscious sexuality and grown-up relationships.   Adam is the author of several programs for men, including The Boldness Code, Instant Confidence With Women, Deep Online Attraction, Deep Erotic Mastery and How To Make Her Your Dream Lover – and the Right Man Online, Intimacy University and Make Him Your Dream Lover for women.  Adam is ferocious in teaching men and women to release their masks, open to love even when it hurts, and to serve their highest goals boldly and fiercely and tenderly while breath is available.  In short, how to live an inspiring life by choice rather than by habit, by random cultural or by inertia.