David Ament


David Ament (pronounced: Ā•ment) is a Marin County, California native and father of 12 and 14 year old sons, whom he is raising to become men of integrity.

He is a Relationship Expert with credentials in:
Marriage & Relationship Educator
Divorce Prevention
Domestic Violence Advocacy, Intervention & Prevention
Sacred Sexuality

He has contributed to the writings of and been quoted in Esperanza Magazine (both US & Canadian issues), Parents’ Press Magazine, and Your Tango online.

Ament studied Ericksonian Psychology at with author and professor Cloe Madanes and Human Needs Psychology with Anthony Robbins.

He also studies & volunteers at organizations such as the ManKind Project and The Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend where he supports the growth of adolescent and adult males being initiated in growth toward becoming Men and contributors to local and global society.

Ament is a self proclaimed “Human Enthusiast” who works in the space of Helping Frustrated Women Move From Dating to Mating, where he inspires and empowers through encouragement and education.