Ellen Smoak

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Ellen Smoak is an Internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and host whose work has
been featured on ABC, NBC, Yahoo, and FOX. A South Carolina native gone California
in her early twenties, Ellen combines her East Coast sensibility with her West Coast
spirit to teach, inspire, and guide people towards long-lasting change in their
relationships. Her book,Breakups Are A Bitch, But Getting Over Him Doesn’t Have To
Be! rapidly became the go-to guide for people all around the world suffering through the
pain of a breakup or divorce, and she now teaches this system globally through her
home study courses and one-one-one private coaching programs. Ellen believes that
many of us have been suffering most of our lives from unresolved heartache, which
causes us great struggle in every relationship- romantic or otherwise. Her programs are
designed to not only uncover the root of this pain, but to also actively and purposefully
heal this pain from the inside out. Ellen has coined the term “Breakup Brilliance” to
reflect the magnificent transformation awaiting you after life knocks you down…should
you choose it. She weaves her yoga teacher training, transformational life coaching, and
her long journey towards self-love and acceptance together, to bring you life-changing
programs to help you become the most brilliant version of yourself possible.