Heather Hans

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Heather Hans is a mystical healer of loving energy for the heart, mind, body and soul. She is a licensed social worker, psychotherapist, and a teacher of love. She left a successful career as a Certified Public Accountant and University Lecturer to pursue her passion of sharing the healing powers of love. Hans has a zest for wellness, self-development, and universal harmony, which she has nurtured through 15 years of studying holistic healing and relationship-building. She holds master’s degrees in Social Work, and in Business Administration; and a certificate in Holistic Health. She is a Certified Professional Intuitive Coach and Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner. Heather has traveled a journey of spiritual awakening and has combined her gifts, pain, and story to emerge as a channel for the divine to help people feel love, using her Internet TV channel, HeatherHansTV.
Heather facilitates health and healing on all levels to create total wellbeing and lead people to experiencing more love in their hearts. She uses her expertise in the mind-body-spirit connection to empower people to resolve physical and emotional conflicts and discover the importance of thoughts, feelings and actions in achieving their goals.
Heather’s spiritual path is the cornerstone of her life and work. In over 15 years of diverse spiritual and religious study, she has been trained by the top mental health and spiritual leaders of the world. With a connection to Divine energy as a foundation, coupled with physical and mental health expertise, her audience is led to healthy and satisfying relationships with themselves and others.