Kara Oh

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For over twenty years, Kara Oh has been helping women prepare themselves for love.  As a transformational coach, she discovered that every woman has the capacity to manifest soul-satisfying love. The problem is that there are blocks and barriers that keep that love from blossoming fully.  Depending on the kinds of blocks that a woman has, she will be invisible, repellent, or neutral to men. Those blocks keep a woman’s ‘light from shining.’ And it’s her inner light that causes a man to fall in love. Through Kara’s programs, women are guided to remove the blocks and barriers so their Essence--the source of that light--can become a beacon for love, with men drawn to them, as if by magic. When a woman knows how to let her light shine, it’s not uncommon for a man to say, “I’ve never met a woman like you before.”  That’s the magic that causes a man to be mesmerized by this kind of woman; unable to stop thinking about her, with a deep need to get to know her better. Without this initial stage, love never has a chance grow.