Lori Finlay Hamilton

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Lori is a fun and feisty, compassionate and heart-centered expert who helps others create successful, passionate, and powerful partnerships.

Lori is a nurse practitioner by profession and has always been a “healer”. Lori is an expert in healing hormones, the heart and the brain, and has taken this passion of healing into the area of relationships. After healing her own broken heart from a divorce and spending nearly a decade single -Lori began studying male/female differences, and how to create extraordinary partnerships. Now after more than 20 years Lori continues to learn, share with her clients, as well as write and speak on this fascinating, life changing topics.

She has trained groups from 2 - 1,000, both nationally and internationally, by land, sea and the airwaves. She has studied many of today’s relationship experts and is a licensed partner with Alision Armstrong of the www.UnderstandMen.com company. Lori has been happily married for 13 years, now enjoying the role of wife, Step-mom & “Grammy” with reckless abandon.