Monique Brown

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I’m just a girl who is allowing God to change me from the inside out. I am finally emerging into the woman I have always wanted to be; the woman whom I admire. I am an educator, an Amazon, an attorney, a West-­‐Indian princess, a Wolverine, a change agent, a lioness! I am favored, uncommonly sensible, overwhelmingly whimsical, and an all around cool chick! I’d hang around me, and you should too!

Monique is an Feminine Allure Coach and founder of the Feminine Allure Academy™, an online charm school where she teaches women not only about their gift offering, but also the skills to become woman who are cared for and adored by the men we love. We aren't born with the knowledge on how to maintain relationships with the opposite sex. Like most things, we need to learn what it takes to make it work. Like learning to ride a bike or driving a car, knowing how to interact with the opposite sex takes skill. That’s what she do. She teaches the skills that EVERY woman should have in her arsenal.