Tammi Baliszewski

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This program is for you if you:

  • Are ready to relinquish negative habits and patterns in relationships
  • Take responsibility for yourself, do your inner work, and reap the rewards of outer manifestation
  • Want to heal wounds from prior relationships and ready to let go of the past
  • Want to get clear about what you really want, and then manifest it!
  • Are ready to live your life in an authentic and open-hearted way
  • Desire to give and receive more love in your life
  • Want to relax into a sense of confidence, personal value, and increased self-worth
  • Want to tap more deeply into inner states of wisdom, clarity and peace
  • Desire a healthy, fulfilling, love-based relationship with yourself, so you can attract a divine partnership in your life

Manifesting Love From the Inside Out is transformational. I believe everyone could benefit from this program. That is why I gifted it to all of my girlfriends! Tammi showed me how wonderful it can feel to have self-worth and self-love. Direct, to the point and from the heart. Brilliant! ~ Vanna White



If you are ready to remove blocks to happiness and claim the love of your life, this program will gently guide you, support you and empower you. A combination of information, exercises and guided meditations, you will be supported in knowing yourself more deeply, loving yourself more consistently and attracting what you really want in your life.

Manifesting Love From the Inside Out is based on the foundational principles of spirituality and psychology. Tammi shares her personal healing journey, success stories of her clients and dozens of exercises, tools, and healing techniques, masterfully designed to help you know yourself more deeply, get to the heart of healing, and rewire you for true love!

This program includes Tammi’s book and 10 transnational Guided Meditations. When you relax into mediation, you open the door to the subconscious mind. This is when you have the opportunity to release any ingrained beliefs, habits and hurts and then introduce empowered, love-based content.

Some of the subjects of the meditations include:

Forgiveness of self and others, gratitude, aligning with the higher self, connecting with the inner child, opening to receive and give, cultivating health boundaries, expanding into love, attracting Divine Partnership, and much more.